Kuching X’mas “Flashmob” Party

用戶插入图片We are planning to perform a Flashmob act in kuching inconjunction with the 2011 Christmas Celebration. We came up with an idea to perform “Frozen Flash Mob” whereby participants will have to Freeze or not to move in 5 minutes at a local shopping mall.

We are looking at a big numbers of participants on an estimation of 200 people.

All the participants are to perform eat allocated stuns in which it is safe and not harmful to the general public.

Date of event: 24 December 2011.
Time to gather: 7.30pm, outdoor carpark beside The Spring Mall (Briefing)

Persons in Charge of this event:
Frederick Tang: 017-384 7043
Jason Ho: 016-981 6008

我们将于2011年的圣诞节前夕古晋举办一个快闪活动 – “冰冻快闪”,参加者将在当地的商场冻结或停止动作约5分钟时间,5分钟后解冻各自散开或离场,目标人数约200人。

时间:7.30pm 于 The Spring商场边的露天停车场(简介)

Frederick Tang: 017-384 7043
Jason Ho: 016-981 6008


Message from YB See Chee How

Whoever you are, I like and salute you for the Kuching X’mas “Flashmob” Party. I certainly hope that it is on. I am bringing some lawyers to be on standby in case there is any legal issues. Please keep my number 019******* (though I will be right there with you) and Desmond Kho 012*******, Simon Siah 019*******, Emeric Teo 012******* and Voon Shiak Ni 019*******who will all be at your “Party” and nearby. No problem with reinforcement of more lawyers. Cheers, and see you at the “Party”!



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