5 leaders that you should not vote

What is the lousy leader that make you should not vote him? Here are the five common lousy leaders.

First, is the so-called “know it-alls” leader. They’re acting like they know everything, they know how the world runs, what the government is thinking. They even know what kind of car you shouldbe driving, what kind of girl you should be marrying. They never listen, and this makes it very hard that for a new idea or policy to be heard, debated or even improved.

Second, is the “remote-controller” leader. These leaders choose to seat comfortably behind a closed door. They can attend meeting, forum, discussion or other requisite functions, but they’d rather be seating in an air-cond room and starring at their computer. They never engage, mean they can’t inspire. They are closed in their own little world. This a big problem. These leaders will never care about their followers or supporters.

Third, the “jerks”. They might be nasty, bullying, insensitive, paranoid, abusive, etc. Such leaders are very common in the political environment now. They can easily gain the trust of other people but they rarely win the trust from the people around because of their destructive personalities. And because of self-destruct, they can never keep their promise.

Fourth, “Yes-man“. They are not bad, but they are just too nice. These leaders have no edge, no capacity to make hard decision. They will usually defend themselves by saying that they’re trying to create consensus, to build democracy. But the truthy fact is they are actually scared.

Fifth, the “Swinger”. They try to make everything fine, they try to invest in both party. They have no guts to differentiate. They call themselves a “egalitarian”, but in fact they are just a black man on the fence.

Ps: All of a sudden I think, will I offend many people by this article? – Frederick Tang