3 types of political campaigns that have no chance to win

A political campaign can be a very exciting experience for the candidate. As political campaign, a political landscape is always the base of campaign, but most of the time the different between the winner and looser is what goes on inside the campaign.

There are 3 types of campaigns that have nearly no chance to win on the Election Day.

1. Without a message
A campaign without a message that powerful enough to persuade public or does not have a clear idea of which group of voters it want to persuade. This is the major problem of most of the political campaign in Malaysia, expecially for the ruling party. This type of campaign lacks of direction from the beginning and the situation will only get worse.

2. No plan
This campaign has simple, clear and persuasive message and clear idea of which group of voters it can persuade, but it have no or lacks of plan if what to do between now, Election Date, and after the election to persuade these voters. This is also one of the major problem of the ruling party in Malaysia. It is oftenly because of distraction by the days events, by the things the opponent’s campaign does or by the things the press says, and spending more time reacting to all this factors than promoting its own agenda.

3. Fail to do
Fails to do or fails to follow through on the plan and not doing the hard work day after day to get elected. This campaign will comes out with a lot of excuses as why it cannot do, and in the end the excuses of why it lost.

A good election campaign is like building a house, from my point of view. You must define the plans, define the political landscape, the strategy, the resources required and also the backup and reacting plan when question arises.

– Frederick Tang